5 thoughts on “South West Coast Path”

  1. Hi Woody,

    I’ve just been reading your blog with great interest as I am walking the South West Coast Path in just over 2 weeks with my dog, Rudy. We’re raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. It’s great to hear about how you found the walking and camping etc. I also liked your fry-up/fish & chips pictures as that is exactly how I intend to roll! Did you find you needed a stove, because I am undecided whether to take one or not…?

    Well done for completing it! Amazing!



    1. Hi Verity!

      Sorry for taking so long to reply back to you…

      Its brilliant to hear from someone who is about to set off on the SWCP journey. And with your dog too! Amazing.

      Walking the SWCP changed my life. It is an amazing walk. Great to hear your also doing it for a good cause. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I really wish I had the time and money to do it again… If there is a way to sponsor you let me know and I will happily do so…

      Anyway, back to your question – I took a stove with me to begin with, but found that after a while I wasn’t really using it enough to justify lugging it about with me! So I decided to eventually send it back home and as you say, go with the pub grub option or fill up at a supermarket/shop for a couple of days. Seemed a more sensible way to do things though it can obviously cost a little more.

      Are you blogging during the walk?

      If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.




  2. Hi Woody,

    Great to hear from you, thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Ah, I’m glad you said that about the stove. After hearing that, I think I’ll definitely start without one, and see how I go. The good thing about the SWCP I suppose, is that you’re never too far from some sort of town to buy provisions. I’ve got a few extra things for Rudy like dog food/bowl/coat etc so I am trying to keep the weight in my pack down as much as possible. I really want the walk to be fun, and the one sure way of making it a slog is to have a really heavy bag!

    I’m also going to try couchsurfing on the way round, I’ve found some nice people in St Ives & Falmouth so far to stay with, but hoping to find someone in Plymouth/Penzance/Newquay but it’s a bit limited with the pooch!

    If you want to have a look, I’ve got a sponsorship page it’s: http://www.justgiving.com/Verity-Stokes1

    My blog is (not very interesting so far!): http://thewalk3912.blogspot.co.uk/
    …but hopefully will get more so when I start walking…

    I’m sure I have loads of questions for you but I can’t think of them right now! But I will think of some…

    Thanks again.



    1. I definitely agree with you on the weight front. It is much more enjoyable when your bag is lighter so take with you what you need and try and keep luxuries to a minimum. I know that seems harsh but it really does help! Couchsurfing sounds like a great idea – I never actually did that myself but managed to hook up with a few people on my journey and the memories from staying with them are some of the ones I will treasure the most. Not sure what you are planning in terms of camping? My family helped book campsites for me as I was walking, and because I was doing the walk for charity my persuasive family managed to get me on the majority of campsites for free! That may seem cheeky but I would recommend giving it a try…

      I will be keeping tabs on your blog :). Again, hope you enjoy the walk!!



  3. Hi Woody,

    Thanks again for your message, and even more thanks for your donation, it’s really really nice of you!

    Yes, I contacted all the campsites and quite a few are going to let me stay for free which is awesome… and a couple of B & Bs too which will be a treat! Quite a few didn’t reply but I’m hoping they will be generous when I get there. I’ve just been doing some final preparation and buying of stuff. I picked up my bag when it was pretty much fully-packed and it didn’t seem too bad so fingers crossed…

    I know what I wanted to ask you… did you find there was somewhere to charge things like your phone at most campsites? I don’t think I’ve ever been camping for so long that I’ve needed to charge things before!

    We had a party at the weekend and managed to raise about £400 more which has given me a real boost, just itching to get started now.

    Thanks again,



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