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A favourite tree of mine

Every morning, on my way in to work, I walk past the same oak tree. A favourite tree of mine.

Every morning, I stop to admire it along with the small copse of trees behind it and the ever changing backdrop.

Come rain or shine, such a great way to start each day!

A new season, a new beginning

Against an icy electric sky, a green finger pierces the ground. It emerges like clockwork – spring-operated. It marks the start of a deep reaction in the earth, putting in motion clogs of change.

The slumber is over. Hope is in the air!

As the clogs gain speed, the green finger lengthens and strengthens, rising up in rebellion with its companions. Soon enough, a drooping white lantern appears from its tip, defiant in its pure white brilliance.

As the clogs hit their rhythm, clusters of lanterns rise, forming a white army, a carpet of courage.


The Snowdrop has arrived, heralding spring in its step. A new season, a new beginning.

ABOVE: Snowdrops at Lanhydrock, early 2014.