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Back from our journey along the Cleveland Way…

Finished our journey along the Cleveland Way yesterday!

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Day 1 – Hartlepool to Scarborough
Day 2 – Scarborough to Robin Hood’s Bay (14 miles)
Day 3 – Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby (7 miles)
Day 4 – Whitby to Staithes (12 miles)
Day 5 – Staithes to Saltburn-by-the-Sea (9 miles)

CLEVELAND WAY – Staithes to Saltburn (Day 5)







Writing this final blog post on our journey along the Cleveland Way from the comfort of my own home, and I must say I am relieved to be finally resting my aching bones…

Our last day saw us walking approximately 9 miles from Staithes to Saltburn. The terrain was difficult in some places, especially the climb up to what is the highest point on the east coast of England – Round Hill. But with the end in sight, we kept a steady pace along a varied path, withstanding piercing winds – particularly toward the end of the route, along with some great views of the ever nearing Teeside.

With tired legs and grumbling bellies, we reached the finish line at around 4pm and eagerly searched out food to make up for a lack of proper breakfast and for a place to temporarily rest before we made our way home.

All in all, the whole experience for me has been incredible – one of the best weekends of my life without a doubt. I have definitely learnt a great deal over the past few days, and I am grateful to the 3 friends I shared the trip with, whom without I doubt I would ever of been able to have been properly prepared for my upcoming walk.

We also talked about doing some further walks together in the future, maybe the West Highland Way in the summer, and the Coast to Coast sometime in the future.

Only 12 days though, and I leave for my solo journey to Minehead…

CLEVELAND WAY – Whitby to Staithes (Day 4)







Today has been an absolutely amazing day. Weather has been great, views have been spectacular, and the terrain from Whitby to Staithes was a lot easier going than the previous two days.

Had our dinner in Runswick Bay, ran down the biggest hill ever with our heavy backpacks on (not advisable), found some fossils, skimmed some rocks… And best of all, got to Staithes with a couple of hours daylight to spare, giving us some good fishing time. We all caught something too (the other guys caught reasonable size fish whereas I only managed to catch a very tiny crab). Kev caught the best of the day with a 38cm/1.5 pound coal. Not quite king cod, but certainly prince coaly.

After the fishing we had a pint in the local Cod & Lobster and then headed north on the moors for our first wild camp. Currently set up on a good patch on a cliff top having just eaten freshly caught Staithes coal with Heinz baked beans. Yum. Saltburn tomorrow…

CLEVELAND WAY – Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby (Day 3)


Rain, rain. Rain. A bit more rain.

The weather was pretty bad today, we were all soaked through before we even left Robin Hood’s Bay. Not ideal for walking, but with our waterproofs on, we ploughed on to Whitby.

With the constant rain, the whole path was very muddy, which made walking much more difficult. So what we thought would be an easy 6 miles turned out to be more tiring and strenuous than we first thought.

Still, we saw some breathtaking views along the way.

We were re-directed at one point along the route after erosion of the official path had left it dangerous to pass. The diversion led us to a field full of, quite literally, physcho sheep. As we passed they got stirred up and began to run towards us, and although we found it funny, it was quite terrifying at the same time. 50 sheep trying to ram us off the the ‘sheer’ drop.

We reached our hostel, right next door to Whitby Abbey, at about half 5, and after drying off and having a shower we headed down into town in search of food. We ended up buying enough food to feed a small army from a local co-op and feasted back at our hostel.

One drawback of the weather today was not getting the chance to do some fishing, so king cod will have to wait until tomorrow. Forecast is looking good though, and being refreshed and recharged after a good night’s sleep, we’re hoping we can get the 12 miles walk to Staithes done before dark.

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