A wandering word-hoard #1

Sometimes there is no word to describe what you feel, see or experience within the natural landscape, with all its infinite subtleties. Here are twelve examples of words I’ve created in an attempt to define such moments in nature.

brockenflee – to hasten one’s step to reach a point or destination quickly; a hurried badger-like gait

cryve – a crow-bomb or crow-dive

ghost-glow – spectral light reflecting over a dark or stormy sky

grinkle – a smile resulting from an exploration of texture, such as running your hands down the bark of a tree or admiring the imperfections on a burr

krocken – human-like features in the geographical landscape

rainglow – light shining through rain

rēnline – when rain falls hard, in long lines

sipweid – to savor (or sip) what you know or what you see

timber-tide – organic material left on a surface after the retreat of water

tree-fret – mist amongst trees

tree-swell –  the sound of wind blowing through trees, resembling the sound of the sea

vista-thwack – the feeling of awe when taking in a scenic view for the first time

My word-hoard was inspired and encouraged by Landmarks, a book written by Robert Macfarlane, ‘a meditation on words, landscape and the relationship between the two.’ 


Words are grained into our landscapes, and landscapes are grained into our words.’