A sea of blue

The Bluebells at Lanhydrock this spring have been, and still are, stunning! Waving through the woodland here in thick swathes, they blanket the ground in all directions. I have been spending many mornings, afternoons and evenings taking in this wonderful annual scene.


One of the advantages of living and working on the Lanhydrock estate is that I can step out of my door and be in bluebell woodland within minutes. Last week while sitting and having some lunch, admiring the sea of blue around me, I was surprised by two Roe Deer. Luckily, being sat down, they didn’t see me until they got pretty close!


It was a thrilling moment to see them at home amongst such colour. I wonder if they are surprised by this cover of blue that arrives at this time of year, completely transforming their surroundings?

Whilst spending time amongst the bluebells, I have noticed how their scent really comes alive in the evening (and similarly when it rains). Their earthy, sweet-smelling fragrance seems to intensify and fill the air, often mixing with the strong garlic-like scent of Ramsons. A delightful combination!


As light falls, I also like how the atmosphere within a bluebell woodland can quickly change. Shimmering at first, the flowers seem to turn a golden purple before slowly deepening in colour as the sun drops away.

5 6

There surely can’t be many better ways to spend some hours at this time of year, than amongst the waving enchantment and magic of bluebells. Dive in, while you can.

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