Birthday Cake!

It was my birthday last week and as part of my celebrations I was given a very special home-made birthday cake…

The greatest birthday cake I have ever received! Before the carnage…

A tasty jam sponge cake, with 5 extremely well crafted birds on top.

Upon receiving the cake I was quickly made aware of the rules… Name each bird, and if I get the guess wrong I would then need to eat that bird whole! A bit cruel (poor birds), but I agreed. The pressure was on…

Cake minus the Twite…

As you can see from the picture above, the game resulted in a single casualty. It was a Twite that made it’s way into my mouth. A very sugary Twite as well. Thankfully that was the only bird to enter my mouth, the rest of the line up (consisting of a Puffin, Great Grey Shrike, Little Owl and Glaucous Gull) making it safely past the main course.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cake!”

    1. Thanks Finn 🙂

      Just to let you know I backdated the post myself… I haven’t posted on the blog for a long while (over 3 months!) so I’m trying to catch up and felt backdating would be better to get some sort of order to new posts and prevent them all from being within the same period.

      Need to catch up with your blog too, its been a while. Hope you’ve been enjoying spring!


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