Mute Swans passing over Teesmouth NNR

A family of Mute Swans passing over Teesmouth National Nature Reserve today – including two adult Mute Swans and four cygnets.

3 thoughts on “Mute Swans passing over Teesmouth NNR”

  1. Lovely subject, nice clip. I like the juxtaposition of the wide open spaces and the swans against the backdrop of the refineries and chemical factories on Teesside.
    Can you reveal the technical details of how you recorded it? I went to a workshop on DSLR video last week and I’m keen to try it out when I can afford to upgrade my DSLR so I can then add video clips to The Naturephile. Thanks for any help. Best wishes. Finn


  2. Hi Finn.

    Thanks for the comment!

    Yeah, a complete contrast between the industry and beauty of nature 🙂

    I actually recorded the video on my digital camera (Sony DSC-HX9V). I myself am hoping to upgrade to a DSLR in the future but it’s surprising the quality you can now achieve from a compact!

    Loving your blog btw. Learning lots of stuff from it, and the pictures are great. Keep it up. Will keep my eye out for videos…




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