SWCP – Mullion Cove to Lizard Town (Day 35)

I woke up refreshed this morning and before leaving the hotel and my luxury room, I had breakfast:

A bowl of fruit and fibre, a strawberry yoghurt, 4 slices of toast with blackcurrant jam, a full english breakfast with sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, fried bread, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding and beans, topped off with a croissant and some fresh fruit, with a pot of tea and a glass of fresh orange juice.

I don’t think I will need to eat for the rest of my walk…

I reluctantly checked out, and left the hotel to start my walk to Lizard Town.

I first dropped down into Mullion Cove and then after climbing out of it, I followed the cliff tops for a while before dropping down into Soap Valley (it gets its name from the soapstone that was quarried here).

I climbed out of Soap Valley, and kept alongside the cliffs again until I dropped once more into Kynance Cove. There were some dramatic and unusual rock formations here, and I stopped and had dinner at the cafe overlooking them.

It wasn’t long after leaving Kynance Cove that I reached Lizard Point and my hostel nearby – right next-door to the Lizard Lighthouse. The problem being I was a little early, it was only 2pm and the hostel didn’t open until 5pm. A very easy day indeed, but I now had 3 hours to burn…

I wandered into the nearby Lizard Town, picking up a few provisions, then spent most of the 3 hours in a cafe (drinking far too much tea). When I eventually got back to the hostel, and into my room, I was about to get the biggest shock of my life…

After only being in my room for 5 minutes or so, there was a knock at my door. I thought it was just the receptionist or something, but when I opened it up it turned out to be two very familiar faces, my mates Kev and Keith from back home! My answer to Kev’s ‘what you doing here?’ said it all – ‘wooooooooooooooaaaahhhh’. They had driven 470 miles to come visit me and planned on walking with me for a couple of days. I couldn’t believe it. It was fair to say I was over the moon.

When the shock descended, and Kev and Keith had showered (they spent the night before in a car park in Plymouth so were pretty tired!), we left the hostel and went back into Lizard Town. We decided to have a pint at the Toll House (which was supposed to have serpentine pumps, but we found out they no longer use them). We moved on to the nearby The Witch Ball afterwards – a 15th century freehouse (where the beer was much better). Here we decided to play jacks two’s and eight’s, and I ended up as the champion (thanks to some card fixing!), Keith ended up second, and Kev came third (not last).

We have just walked back to the hostel in the dark, with the beam from the Lizard Lighthouse circling over us. Still can’t believe my friends are here, looking forward to the walk to Coverack with them tomorrow…

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