SWCP – Porthleven to Mullion Cove (Day 34)

My original target for today was to walk to Lizard Town. However, after raining quite heavily last night (resulting in a late start due to a lack of motivation to get out in the rain and pack away my tent!), I decided to shorten the distance and walk to Mullion.

It continued to rain as I left my campsite and when I explained to my dad, he put the phone down, then rang me back soon after and said he had booked me into a hotel at Mullion Cove!

Knowing I didn’t have to contemplate sleeping in a wet tent, I carried on uplifted by the prospect of a dry bed. The rain didn’t stop though, and I got soaked to the bone.

Nevertheless, I plodded on, making my way to Loe bar, the largest body of fresh water in Cornwall (‘Loe’ is cornish for pool). Legend has it that the bar was formed when the giant Tregeagle dropped some sand from a sack that he was carrying. Tregeagle was a 17th century inhuman land steward of the Robartes family from Lanhydrock near Bodmin. He was said to be summoned from the dead to be a witness in a court case, but could not be returned to the dead and so was given impossible tasks, such as removing all the sand from a particularly sandy cove… Another legend has Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword, being thrown in the Loe.

It was quite impressive upon leaving Loe bar and joining the coast again, in that the only thing separating Loe bar from the sea was a thin strip of sand which I had to walk over.

The Coast Path then took me past Porthleven Sands and Church Cove, then past Mullion Golf Course.

I eventually came to Polurrian Cove – with a road leading to Mullion. I stopped here and had some food, then continued along the Coast Path to my hotel for the night – Mullion Cove Hotel.

Dripping wet, I was shown to my en suite room, with a double bed and sea view – overlooking the way I had come and Mullion Cove itself. I got out of my wet clothes, had a bath, and changed into some clean and dry clothes. What a difference, I felt a million dollars.

The woman who my dad spoke to on the phone when he booked the room for me threw in a free evening meal. So at 7pm, I left my room and went down to the restaurant in my shorts and t-shirt, without my shoes on because they were quite muddy…

I was the only one dressed casually, everyone else was in suits and formal clothes. Being a Wood, I wasn’t bothered what people thought, and just enjoyed the experience.

The food was amazing. The best food I have ever had (apart from my dads panaculty that is). I didn’t know what the hell half of what I ate was, but it tasted damn good.

For starters I had:

a duck and wild mushroom terrine with toasted chiabatta crisps and homemade chutney.

For main:

char grilled escolopes of sirloin, layered with calve nero and wild mushrooms served on a garlic pomme puree with a madeira jus.

And dessert:

strawberry panacotta with truile biscuit and fruit campote.

It made a lloyds beer and burger seem like a left over donner kebab…

Back in my room now and laid in my double bed watching the election results coming in. Ahhhhh. Absolute luxury!!

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