SWCP – Boscastle to Tintagel (Day 17)

Today I had an easy day – a 2 mile walk to Tintagel. This gave me the chance to explore Tintagel and its surrounding area at a leisurely pace, and also give my legs a bit of a rest.

Within minutes of leaving my campsite I came to the impressive Rocky Valley. The rocks here have been carved by millennia of water action into a series of dramatic gullies and mini-cliffs – a quite remarkable place.

After a steep climb out of here, I followed the Coast Path to Willapark (the site of an ancient fort) – offering some great views along Gullastem and to the small island of The Sisters. I then came to Barras Nose and from here Tintagel Head came into view.

It is here that there are the remains of a castle and monastery, reputedly the place where King Arthur was born and raised, and where he ruled from (although there are conflicting stories to whether this is true).

Nevertheless, I paid the entrance fee to explore the headland, and wasn’t disappointed – a site of outstanding beauty. Tintagel comes from the latin Din Tagell meaning ‘fortress with a narrow entrance’ and it is easy to see that this originates from the narrow entrance leading on to the headland.

The view from the headland itself overlooking Tintagel Haven was breathtaking, and I sat here for a while struggling to take in everything I was seeing.

After exploring the headland some more I then made my way back down into Tintagel Haven, and to the small beach here, with its spectacular waterfall and Merlins Cave – which cuts underneath Tintagel Head.

Satisfied that I had explored enough, I made my way into Tintagel village, going to the King Arthur’s Arms for something to eat. Directly opposite the King Arthur’s Arms is the Old Post Office – used as such in the 19th century, but really a 14th- or 15th-century house. After eating, this was the last place I had a look around, before making my way back the 2 miles I had come to my campsite.

Laid in my tent now, watching the sunset over Willapark again. I have a hard day tomorrow so need all the energy I can – an early night is on the cards…

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