SWCP – Crackington Haven to Boscastle (Day 16)

Waking up to a dry tent is awesome. My new tent is definitely better than my previous, it seems to deal with the condensation that made my last tent damp each morning… And with more space inside it means I can actually sit up too! Happy.

The plan for today was to walk the 6.7 miles to Boscastle Harbour, spend the day here, then walk an additional 2 miles to my campsite (making tomorrows day a lot easier).

Hoping to spend as much time in Boscastle as possible, I set off early – stopping off first at the Haven Cafe in Crackington for a quick breakfast (where I was also given a FREE packed lunch from the staff for dinner).

As I made my up a steep hill on my way out of Crackington, sweating and concentrating on reaching the top (without falling over the edge in the process), I passed what seemed a familiar face. As I carried on, uphill, I turned back and looking at the man with a chequered shirt and baseball cap, sporting a long beard and chatting to a friend in an american voice, and I suddenly realised that the familiar face was actually Seasick Steve – the famous american blues musician. Having missed the opportunity to stop him for a photo, I got out my digital camera and zoomed right in on him (pretending to take a photo of the surrounding scenery so I didn’t seem like a stalker) and snapped a shot of him as proof. I obviously can’t put this photo up as its on my digital camera, not my phone – so you will just have to take my word for it for now. But I’m 100% sure it was him…

After this celebrity sighting (and increasingly kicking myself for not stopping him for a picture!), I continued on through rugged and tough terrain to Boscastle.

As you come in to Boscastle you walk over Penally Hill, having the choice here to continue on down into the village, or walk a little further along to Penally Point. I took the latter option and was rewarded with an absolutely incredible view over Boscastle and the harbour.

When I finally did make my way down into the village, I was introduced to the pleasant sound of a busker singing traditional cornish songs in the street. I stopped and took a video, tipped him then continued on.

In 2004 a major flood occured here, causing extensive damage to the village. I had a look in the visitor centre to learn more about the flood. Looking at the village today, you couldn’t tell that there had ever been such a catastrophe – which actually washed away the original visitor centre, along with cars and trees and resulted in 91 people needing to be rescued (luckily there were no fatalities).

After learning about the flood, I then went inside the Witchcraft Museum here, a rather spooky place with things on show such as skulls (some that had been cut open), tools that had been used to torture witches in the past, and things such as actual dried cats!

Leaving here I then met up with Dave, a friend of a friend who lives in the area. We sat in a local cafe, chatting about my walk so far, and he kindly bought me a cream tea and a clotted cream ice cream (lots of cream). We then had a little walk around the village and he took me to his car where he gave me a bag full of goodies (including some chocolate, oranges and nuts).

Leaving Boscastle, Dave walked with me as far as Foot Cove, where we parted and I continued on to my campsite, passing the impressive Ladies Window on the way – a natural archway on the western side of a small headland, overlooking a deep, inaccessible cove.

Currently sat in my tent watching the sunset in the distance, drinking a bottle of Tribute beer given to me by Dave, and eating far too much cadbury’s diary milk chocolate. Spending the day in Tintagel tomorrow!

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