SWCP – Westward Ho! To Clovelly (Day 11)

A bit of a miserable morning today, waking up to the inside of my tent rather wet and my sleeping bag soaking. Not sure what it is with this tent but its becoming increasingly damp each morning even when it hasn’t rained! Quite annoying, but I got myself ready and packed it away nevertheless, feeling loads better once I left the campsite and got back on my way.

I was quite happy too when I heard that two of my friends back home were making their way down to come pay me a visit and spend the night with me in Clovelly. This spurred me on to reach my destination, leaving Westward Ho! behind and heading south.

For the first couple of miles I made my way through an open landscape, over Cornborough Cliff, Greencliff and Babbacombe Cliff, offering some fantastic views of the coast ahead.

As I reached Peppercombe this landscape changed, as I entered Sloo Wood and Worthgate Wood – a long section of enlosed woods with the views of the coast hidden.

I came out at Buck’s Mills, a very small village with a large rocky beach, and the most incredible waterfall – the first along the way I could explore up close, pounding down with thunderous energy from the clifftop above.

After a little rest, I got back on the Coast Path, entering another enclosed section through Barton Wood. This eventually brought me out at Hobby Drive, a road which led me down into Clovelly (there was a particular spot I remember along this stretch of road, just north of Eastacott, which gave a very fine overhead view of the village below – see above).

Having skipped breakfast (a bad decision), I stopped in the village tea-rooms, ordering a large chicken and leek pie as well as a devon cream tea. It was here that I met up with my friends from home – Kev & Joel.

It was really good and uplifting to see some familiar faces. We made our way down to the Red Lion Hotel, where we got ourselves a pint and sat on the pier overlooking the harbour, enjoying the scenery.

Clovelly is a quite enchanting little village, it was like stepping back into the 19th century – with its quaint old whitewashed cottages and narrow cobbled streets. Traffic amounts to no more than donkeys and sledges. In some ways it felt like walking on to an extravagent film set created to depict the perfect seaside village.

After Kev & Joel had something to eat (a smoked mackarel fillet sandwhich which I wish I had left space for myself), we decided that rather than walking back up the ridiculously steep lane to our campsite we should make use of the local Land Rover service, which dropped us off in Higher Clovelly.

Reaching the campsite after a short walk, we set up our tents (I let my tent dry out over Kevs van first!) and then made a trip to a nearby Asda, filling a trolly full of food and drink for the night.

Back at the campsite now, just had some tomato soup with sliced hot-dogs in (ideal). Starting to get a fire going, the stars are out, and I’m having a can of budweiser catching up with my friends. Shame it can’t be like this every night!

Clovelly marks my first 100 miles. Here’s hoping the next 100 are as good…

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3 thoughts on “SWCP – Westward Ho! To Clovelly (Day 11)”

  1. Clovelly is lovely and those smoked mackerel sarnies from the little shop by the harbour are boss!!!


    (Mel Norman by the way – logged into Pete's account)


  2. Great that Kev and Joel could meet up with you, sounds like you had a lovely evening with them.

    Great pics again. especially 4 and 11, they're like postcards pics, well done.




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