SWCP – Exploring Lundy Island (Day 6)

Today I had a day off, travelling on board the MS Oldenburg taking me from Ilfracome to Lundy Island.

Lundy Island is the largest island in the Bristol Channel, lying 12 miles off the coast of Devon – measuring approximately 3 miles by 0.75 miles.

I suffered a little sea sickness on the 2 hour journey over to the island, my stomach not agreeing with the bumpy ride, so I was happy when Lundy Island finally came into sight.

Immediately pulling into shore, I spotted two seals basking in the sun on nearby rocks – making me forget about my stomach and eager to get out and explore.

I couldn't have asked for better weather today, it felt like I was on a tropical island with clear blue skies and clear blue sea.

I went up and explored the castle first, built for Henry III in 1240 but now holiday accommodation. From here I enjoyed the great view down to the pier and southern lighthouse.

I then continued on to the old lighthouse (which was abandoned because low cloud or sea fog rendered it too often ineffective). Probably my favourite part of the island where I stopped for a bite to eat and wrote out some postcards – sending them using Lundys own issued puffin stamps.

After, I followed the west side of the island a little further, studying marks in rocks from a past earthquake along the way. I finally reached Needle Rock overlooking Jenny's Cove with dramatic views along the coast of the island.

When wandering about I saw quite a bit of wildlife, especially a few unusual birds. No bird expert here though, so no idea what the hell they were but it was still interesting spotting them. Definitely no sighting of the infamous puffin though…

I made my way back to the MS Oldenburg for the return journey, which wasn't as bad as the journey here (apart from when I fell asleep and had one of those mini spaz attacks where you feel like your falling). Wide awake, I took in the amazing views of the Devon coast and back to Lundy Island.

I wasn't originally going to travel to Lundy Island so I am pretty happy that I did, I have had an amazing day and will definitely come back here sometime in the future.

Back in Ilfracombe now and going to get something to eat and have an early night – a 9 mile walk to Woolacombe tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “SWCP – Exploring Lundy Island (Day 6)”

  1. I am well enjoying these blogs! I'm reading them everyday :). Mum said we should make a print out for nana, think she would enjoy reading them. Kim x


  2. Sounds like a great well deserved day off woody.

    Amazing pics. Enjoy your early night and hope you have great weather tomorrow, forecast seems good for you.



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