SWCP – Porlock to Lynmouth (Day 3)


I had quite a long way to walk today, 2 miles from my campsite in Porlock to Porlock Weir, then 12.5 miles from Porlock Weir to Lynmouth. Then on from Lynmouth, my campsite for the night was a mile away in Lyn Bridge.

I decided to get up pretty early, with a makeshift breakfast of a sausage roll and chocolate chip muffin, and get a good start before dinner. This didn’t quite go to plan though…

As I walked to Porlock Weir I took a route that took me along a salt marsh, and after over a mile of walking I reached the end only to find that I was blocked off from the other side by the incoming sea. I had to painfully backtrack on myself, until I reached where I started – and then take the correct route (that seemed to now be clearly signposted as a diversion).

I reached Porlock Weir and already knackered, I decided to have a cup of tea in a place that overlooked the Weir and the views back to North Hill.

A short while later, determined and motivated once again to go on, I took the steady ascent up through Culbone Woods until I eventually reached Culbone Church – supposedly the smallest parish church in England at only 35ft long, and 12ft wide at the naval.

I stopped here and had a quick bite to eat before continuing on to Lynmouth.

This part of the journey was long and tiring. A diversion a couple of miles after Culbone meant an almost vertical climb up to a diverted route and then from then on it was up and down for quite a while. Despite the hard work, it was worth it for some of the views along the coast on the way, truly amazing at times, spurring me on to reach my destination.

I staggered into Lynmouth at about 6pm and having ran out of water I went into the first shop I saw, buying a bottle of water and downing it in one, then buying an ice cream, and downing that in what also seemed like one.

I had been told in Porlock that there may be some rain in the evening, and with it holding out so far I decided to quickly move on without exploring much. I took the impressive cliff railway up to Lynton, and after a short walk found a pub close to my campsite where I had some well deserved fish & chips.

Currently at my campsite as it’s coming in dark, my tent set up opposite a waterfall. Absolutely shattered and rather sore (some major chafing of the buttocks going on) but I still really enjoyed the challenge today and I’m looking forward to tomorrow – a 13 mile walk to Combe Martin.

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2 thoughts on “SWCP – Porlock to Lynmouth (Day 3)”

  1. Hi Woody,

    Sounds like a tough but amazing day.
    You took some fantastic pics along the way,is pic no 11 in Lynmouth? Lovr the church and the house with the thatched roof.
    Looking forward to many more.
    You're doing really well, we're all proud of you. Well done.



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