SWCP – Hartlepool to Minehead (Day 1)








So my journey begins…

I had an early start this morning, dragging myself reluctantly out of bed at 5am. I was waved off at the train station by my dad, brother and 2 nieces, on my way to the starting line of my 630 mile walk – Minehead.

I spent a fairly uncomfortable 6 hours on a ridiculously crammed train before finally reaching Taunton at 2.30pm. I was picked up by Tony and Mel Truswell – a couple who kindly offered me their home for my first night after reading about my planned walk in the Hartlepool Mail (Tony being a fellow Hartlepudian, as I immediately noticed when seeing him proudly sporting the blue and white football shirt of Hartlepool United).

The couple drove me the 27 miles to their home in Minehead. I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming, generous and lovely couple to take me into their home. As soon as I dropped my bag in my room for the night, I was given a cup of tea and some crumpets…

The couple then took me around Minehead and the surrounding area in their car. We stopped off at Minehead Harbour first, with stunning views across to Wales and where the official starting point of the walk is located, marked by a giant pair of hands holding a map.

We then went on up to North Hill, which at the top offered even more stunning views across Exmoor. On the way back down I quickly became qualified as a cattle herder – the only road down being overcrowded by a small army of cows (some of them rather randy as well – see above). Rather than waiting forever for them to pass I took a stick from Tonys car and walking behind them, guided them past our car so we could pass – a rather unusual and memorable experience.
We finally made our way down to the tiny village of Dunster, where I got to see the incredible Dunster Castle and Dunster Yarn Market which dates back to 1609.

Iv certainly been spoilt today – when we got back I was presented with some delicious home made beef stew, and then relaxed on a reclining chair watching Man City beat Burnley 6-1 in HD.

Tired now and looking forward to a good nights sleep with a promised full english breakfast waiting in the morning.

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